Referred to by some as "The Caviar of Grains," Wild Rice evokes an image that makes it an ideal gourmet food to stock.  Technically Wild Rice is not a rice but the seed of an aquatic grass -- Zizania aquatica.  Wild Rice is an American product with a unique taste.  It is as natural a food as you can find -- no additives or preservatives.  It is a dark, moist grain with a chewy flavor and nutty texture.  Wild Rice was a staple food for the Chippewa and Sioux Indians.  Wild Rice grown in man-made paddies has the same characteristics as lake and river rice.  Cultivation does not change the genetic make up of Wild Rice.  It takes 2-3 pounds of green (unprocessed) Wild Rice to yield one pound of finished (processed) Wild Rice.   
       Cooked Wild Rice expands 3 to 4 times its volume.  One pound Wild Rice (uncooked) measures 2 2/3 cups and will yield 8 to 10 cups cooked.  Depending on use, one pound will provide 20 - 30 servings.  Its cost per serving makes Wild Rice an affordable addition to your year round menus.  Wild Rice is great served hot, warm, or chilled.  Uncooked Wild Rice will keep indefinitely in a dry, airtight container.  Cooked and drained Wild Rice can be stored one to two weeks in the refrigerator.  And frozen Wild Rice can be kept for months.